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Circle R Beef meat manufacturer near Orlando, FL has been specializing in roast beef and other cooked items since 1972. We offer different cuts, grades, marinated products, and All Natural products. Although we are known for our roast beef, we also offer other USDA choice precooked prime rib and precooked mojo pork loin items for the deli or the kitchen.

  • USDA Choice All Natural Roast Beef
  • Seasoned Roast Beef
  • USDA Choice Pre Cooked Prime Rib
  • Seasoned Pre Cooked Prime Rib
  • Homestyle Cooked Pot Roast With Gravy
  • Precooked Center Cut Pork Loin
  • Precooked Mojo Pork Loin
  • Precooked Mojo Pork Roast
Usda Choice Pre Cooked Prime Rib Orlando, FL

Meat Manufacturer Orlando, FL

Why Choose Us

Since we are a smaller business, we have the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach with our clients. Our facility works hard to ensure that products are cooked and delivered exactly to order. Our team of professionals takes customer satisfaction seriously, working alongside clients every step of the way to ensure end products are the best on the market.

Precooked Mojo Pork Roast Orlando, FL

Quality Products from a Meat Manufacturer in Orlando, FL

If your reputation within the foodservice industry relies upon offering products noted for their freshness and taste, then it’s in the best interests of your company to make Circle R Beef your supplier of choice. Our company proudly offers nothing but the highest quality cuts of beef and pork all of which is USDA certified. We have thrived since 1972 as a meat manufacturer in Orlando, FL, that local and national companies turn to for consistently dependable cuts. Our meat products ensure that you are offering nothing but the best to your customers. 

Outstanding Ingredients Produce Delectable Meals

You can’t produce meals of the highest quality if you don’t start with the best ingredients. The fresher, the better. We believe in that completely which is why all the choice prime beef and pork we purchase is always fresh and never frozen. We feel that this is the most effective way to make our products, and in turn, the ones you supply to your customers, the tastiest they can be.

If you have a big order to fill or are catering to a special event, our team is prepared to work with you every step of the way. We’ll provide excellent cuts for the kitchen or the buffet table including pre-cooked favorites such as prime rib or pot roast with gravy. Don’t spend your time searching through business listings or fruitlessly trying to source tender pieces of meat yourself, instead, when you are asking yourself “Where can I find the best roast beef near me?” just call Circle R Beef.

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